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Photo by Kirsten Lewis

Kevin Caron, described by The Comics Journal as "an artist to watch out for", is one of four artist featured in the graphic novel Casting Bones, published by Tildog Press. He inked Sheena: Return of the Jaguar Men and the Captain Action/Honey West/Our Man Flint: Danger-A-Go-Go hardcover from Moonstone Books.  He was the artist on IDW's Badger Saves The World series and Badger: Bull!. His work can also be found in the three 24 Hour Comics collections from Time Warp Comics, the 10th edition of the literary journal 3rd Bed, or in packs of Indiana Jones Masterpieces and Star Wars: Galaxy IV trading cards by Topps (if you're lucky).  He lives in Lafayette, Colorado with his wife, sculptor Katie Caron, and his daughter Zoe.